Metathink is a consultancy specialising in developing and articulating coherent Business Philosophy.

A strong business philosophy is a beacon when decisions need to be made, a shared perspective that cuts across departments and roles, a vivid branding message for customers, and an emblem of company commitment to open-mindedness, communication and big-picture thinking.

Metathink delivers workshops and training that enable teams to define the structural belief framework of the organisation. These beliefs are the basis of the Business Philosophy, and from these beliefs we can derive the mission, values, ethics and brand image of the business. The Business Philosophy is the coherent core of the organisation which is shared by management, employees and customers.

Your philosophy is the stand-point from which decisions are made, it is the perspective that informs values, it underpins motivations and it sets the boundaries on what can and cannot be believed. And if you change your business philosophy then you change your business.

Metathink clients are organisations with an ethos of investing in organisational development and a willingness to innovate. A Business Philosophy workshop not only develops and articulates the core belief framework of the business, but also improves team integration, creative focus, collaborative problem solving and shared understanding. Participating in these events is both intellectually challenging and fun.

Rendered into bullets it looks like this:

  • Defining and articulating Business Philosophy
  • Deriving mission, values, ethics and brand image
  • Team-building through team-thinking
  • Constructive and meaningful dialogue
  • Focussing the creative and intellectual power of the whole team on a common purpose
  • Better understanding of the team dynamics and organisational culture
  • Access to different areas of tacit knowledge and expertise

And in a nutshell:

Philosophy generates dialogue, dialogue builds understanding, and understanding is almost always a good thing.

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