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Metathink is a consultancy specialising in developing and articulating coherent Business Philosophy. A strong business philosophy is a beacon when decisions need to be made, a shared perspective that cuts across departments and roles, a vivid branding message for customers, and an emblem of company commitment to open-mindedness, communication and big-picture thinking. Metathink delivers workshops […]

Deep Networking

How do you like your networking? Wide and shallow, focussed and deep, boring or interesting? If you would like your networking events to leave a lasting impression and help to build meaningful relationships between people, then take a look into Deep Networking – the next phase in networking evolution. Deeper connections through dialogue. It has […]

Team Engagement

Would you like your team / department / employees to stop whining all the time and see things from a bigger perspective? It is highly likely that your team / department / employees would like that too. If only there were a way to engage people in a meaningful dialogue about important things so that […]

Thinking Toolkit

Do you want to be more creative, but believe that it’s a kind of dark art? Would you like to know how to change the default thinking patterns of a room full of people? Would you like to build a deeper understanding of the key concepts that define your work life? Then right now you […]

Education Events

Metathink provides a range of events and training for the Education sector. These events use the methods of philosophical enquiry and dialogue to develop reasoning, imagination and communication skills. This can be used to support curriculum objectives, to develop explicit thinking skills programmes and to create a positive culture of learning and thinking. Combined with […]

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