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Axioms of the Metathink philosophy

• That axioms are the simple self-evident beliefs that form the foundation of other ideas • That all beliefs are up for grabs (except this one) • That the world is stuck together with ideas • Change the ideas and you change the world • You change ideas by thinking the unthinkable • The art […]

Philosophy for Business – surely a giant waste of time…

Philosophy is not renowned for its practical applications in the wider world outside the ivory towers and the panelled rooms of the professional thinking classes. Can philosophy really teach us anything about how to do business? Well – of course – that does depend on what you mean by philosophy. On the one hand there […]

Business as usual?

When the market expectations become unrealistically bloated there comes a point of correction where these expectations are reset to a more realistic level. We are approaching a similar correction point not just in financial markets but across a wide range of cultural expectations. One thing we can be sure about the future – whatever else […]

Oh wow! Paradigm shift.

Sometimes we can look back at the paradigm shifts of the past and we can see clearly the difference between the before and the after –  and we can maybe discern some of the influences and factors that created the conditions for the shift – and we might have a little chuckle and think ‘ah […]

Freelance Philosophers of the world unite…

…we have nothing to lose but our preconceptions. This Linkedin group is for all those noble and isolated souls who have made the practice of Philosophy their stock in trade. You who are keeping alive the flame of thinking about stuff that matters. You who are the champions of critical thinking, creativity, openmindedness and the […]

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