Oh wow! Paradigm shift.

Sometimes we can look back at the paradigm shifts of the past and we can see clearly the difference between the before and the after –  and we can maybe discern some of the influences and factors that created the conditions for the shift – and we might have a little chuckle and think ‘ah you pre-paradigm-shift buffoons – how could you not see that coming?’

And now we stand in the privileged position of getting to experience paradigm shift from the inside. A very different perspective I trust you agree. Because we can hear the crashing gears of events as they unfold, and we can see the waves of causality surging towards us, and we can feel the ground shifting underneath the things we believe in,  and maybe we can even smell the fallout from the shift that we are living through – but we cant look back at it yet because it hasn’t finished and we will need some time to recover our senses. From the inside we are in the grip of unknown forces and the old models are starting to creak, but we can’t yet imagine – or we really don’t want to imagine – what could possibly come next?

The issues that we face seem insurmountable because we are still trying to fix them within the boundaries of old expectations. What will the world be like when we can look back at ourselves as we are now and say ‘how did you not see that coming?’.

The real privilege of this perspective from the inside the paradigm shift is that this time  – quite possibly for the first time in history (again) – we can be aware of our own buffoonery.

So as we stand at the brink of a new political reality it might be helpful and may be refreshing to reflect that whatever we think is going to happen next – its probably not what is actually going to happen next. We are still in mid-shift and all our current interpretations of events are pale reflections compared to the clarity to come.

The question for we bold adventurers in paradigm-space is this –
What’s the advantage of having this gift of insight into the creaking undergirding of the age?
If we know the paradigm shift is happening does that give us any power to do anything about it?


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