Team Engagement

Would you like your team / department / employees to stop whining all the time and see things from a bigger perspective? It is highly likely that your team / department / employees would like that too. If only there were a way to engage people in a meaningful dialogue about important things so that they build a broader understanding of key issues and of each other.
Oh, wait a minute…

The Enterprise Engagement Programme.

Enterprise Engagement is a team integration and employee engagement program that makes positive changes to organizational culture using the tools of critical thinking, practical dialogue and experiential learning. In this practical workshop participants will interact through structured activities, take part in challenging thought experiments and pool ideas through facilitated dialogue.

Teams will expand their experience of thinking and working together to construct, prioritise and engage with key questions about core business issues. Participants will engage pro-actively with company strategy, shift
focus from short-term to bigger picture thinking, and model effective communication between departments and business functions.

Workshop Outcomes include:

    • Innovative thinking about business issues
    • Strategies for enhancing interdepartmental understanding and
    broader organisational communication
    • Practical personal actions for improving immediate working environment
    • Concrete examples of the most important organisational issues facing employees
    • Additional clarity on the company vision and values, and defined elements of a coherent
    organisational philosophy

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