About John Turner

John Turner BA, MSc  is a freelance philosopher and lead practitioner at Metathink – an organisation that delivers workshops and training in big-picture thinking, open-mindedness and dialogue-based communications for Business, Education and the Arts.

John left university in 1989 clutching his philosophy degree and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately the world was not yet ready to take him on. After some years in the wilderness (including spells as a telesales drone, a mutant plant exterminator and a media analyst at the FT) he returned to university to study a masters in Multimedia Systems which included this new thing called the Internet. Now armed with a philosophy degree and a working knowledge of online user interaction modelling with verbal protocol analysis, the world was left with little choice. He co-founded a company called Applied Psychology Research (later APR Smartlogik) which specialised in software for user-profiling, content classification and automated recommendation. This was hot stuff during the dotcom bubble years and with funding from Intel the company grew fast and frantic, providing online tools to e-commerce players before ‘the correction’ finally set in. This roller-coaster ride through the carnival of business, while exhilarating and educational, had left behind a slightly queasy feeling and John decided to grow a beard and return to his roots.

He now devises and runs workshops and training in the art and craft of practical philosophy and other associated thinking practices. He is also a visiting fellow at the University of Hertfordshire Centre for Innovation and Enterprise, and occasional experimental performance artist.

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    Client comments:

    “John is a formidable, inspirational speaker. His totally unique approach to business thinking will get the best out of everyone who attends his seminars.”
    Jon Hillier (client)

    “John’s idea of ‘deep networking’ and facilitating group discussions is a real eye opener. He is funny, entertaining and challenging and his sessions make you look at networking, your colleagues and life in a different way. If you want to have a meeting enlivened, or need to try and motivate your team to tackle problems in a totally different way I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending John.”
    Adam Gray (client)

    “I have employed John in diverse roles from helping a team get their brand position and name sorted to using his skills to open up a networking group who had forgotten how to really connect to each other – both events were fascinating, challenging and most importantly got tangible results.”
    Victoria Scott (client)

    “John was able to break down barriers between people that had not previously known each other and forged new working relationships. I would highly recommend John for his services.”
    Helen Ashby (client)

    “If you require a speaker who will get an audience thinking about the process of thinking and getting to know each other’s values I can’t recommend John highly enough.”
    Ann Hawkins (client)

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