Doing Dialogue – CDP

Creating structured, critical and creative discussion

Doing Dialogue is a one-day training workshop for educators and mentors providing the techniques, resources and confidence to facilitate group dialogue around any topic area or specific question.

The course provides a generic, modular framework for dialogue-based sessions that can be used to investigate specific curriculum areas or explore a broader range of social, ethical or conceptual issues.

The course will cover:

    How to start, progress and end a structured group discussion in class or seminar
    How to get past the awkward silence and into meaningful dialogue
    How to engage students in discussion with each other
    How to de-risk discussion sessions with a tried and tested methodolog

These methods emphasise the importance of enquiry and questioning skills, imaginative and meaningful dialogue, and careful reasoning and reflection. This kind of dialogue can improve students’ abilities to think creatively, critically and collaboratively through participation in group activities and facilitated discussion.

The seminar is a one-day quick-start programme that includes a collection of practical exercises, activities and techniques for initiating and progressing dialogue-based enquiry sessions. It provides a simple flexible model for engaging students in creating, choosing and discussing quality questions based on a given stimulus. This model can be used as a method for stand-alone dialogue sessions, or separate elements can be
integrated into other event formats .

The course factsheets include instructions, hints and tips for the planning and delivery of these discussion sessions.

The optimum number of participants for the training workshop is between 8 and 24.
For best results the day requires 5 hours of contact time.

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