Deep Networking

How do you like your networking?
Wide and shallow, focussed and deep, boring or interesting?
If you would like your networking events to leave a lasting impression and help to build meaningful relationships between people, then take a look into Deep Networking – the next phase in networking evolution.

Deeper connections through dialogue.

It has become accepted wisdom that business is conducted between people who know, like and
trust each other – but we don’t get to know, like and trust anyone just by talking about business.

Getting to know the person is at least as important as getting to know their business, but at
networking events the focus of conversation is often about products, services and opportunities. The idea of ‘getting to know the person’ is not usually an explicit part of the networking process – typically it is left to chance in the belief that it will ‘just happen’ over coffee and biscuits.

Deep Networking is a facilitated session that provides a way of making deep connections by
engaging in meaningful dialogue on issues that go beyond business. Participants get to know each
other through a structured exploration of ideas outside the normal range of conversation.

These sessions provide a flexible framework for groups to discuss a range of questions on topics of
mutual interest. By having a deeper discussion about the things we value we develop a bigger
picture view and get to know the person behind the business card. It’s also fun.

Sample topics for Deep Networking dialogue include:

  • Does success make you happy or does happiness make you successful?
  • Do you have to like someone before you can trust them?
  • Does coalition government produce a fairer society?
  • Can you have friendship in business?
  • Is the advancement of science more important than solving issues in society?
  • How can you tell a good risk from a bad one?
  • Can we ever know the true nature of reality?
  • Is it possible to be prepared for uncertainty?
  • What motivates entrepreneurs?
  • Is Social Media a force for good or for evil?
  • What are the biggest issues in business that everyone shares?

A Deep Networking session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and can fit into an existing networking event in place of a speaker or presentation.

For more information contact:

John Turner

07734 924795

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