Thinking Toolkit

Do you want to be more creative, but believe that it’s a kind of dark art?
Would you like to know how to change the default thinking patterns of a room full of people?
Would you like to build a deeper understanding of the key concepts that define your work life?
Then right now you are probably wishing you had some kind of thinking toolkit.

The Thinking Toolkit is a set of activities and methods that enable a team or work-group to apply critical and creative thinking to a range of topics and situations.

Critical thinking is characterised by the question,
‘why are things the way they are?’

Creative thinking is characterised by the question,
‘how could things be different?’

The Thinking Toolkit provides specific methods to apply this kind of questioning to practical situations.

The Thinking Toolkit includes:


A range of activities to get the brain cells buzzing, loosen up thinking and boost group energy levels.


  • Improved focus on the session
  • Better communication between participants
  • Reduced anxiety about group working

The Conceptualiser (Concept mapping)

A way to analyse concepts and the relationships between concepts using graphical mapping techniques and pre-designed templates.


  • Clarification of thinking about the central concepts
  • Building conceptual frameworks
  • Awareness of other interpretations

The Questionator (Question generator)

A method for generating, analysing and evaluating questions about a topic or idea.


  • Awareness of different kinds of question
  • Better quality questions
  • Wider range of questions about the topic

Big-Picture Dialogue

A method for creating and maintaining dialogue in groups – an exploration of ideas through reasonable and progressive discussion.


  • Shared and broader understanding of the topic or idea
  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative working towards shared understanding


A range of activities for reviewing the outcomes of the session, evaluating the impact, and improving the process.


  • Deeper understanding of the thinking processes used
  • Identification of improvements for future sessions
  • Appreciation for personal and group contributions

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